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Transitional realities and migration of landscaped universes that reveal themselves, or hide, shiver or blur in a relationship of both symbiosis and rupture between the "spectator" and the work.


Transit is a world of evanescence and wandering where organic pictorial and sound forms modulate according to the attitude of the "spectator", and which remain essentially unclear.

My work has played for several years on the notions of presence and absence. Works from the last decade, Sketch-in, Corridor, Extase, invite us to worlds that disappear or reappear depending on our presence, as if the world could only exist in itself through our gaze and our attention. With Transit, this phenomenon is amplified and causes diversions by the sampling of acceleration and deceleration indices which place the "spectator" in a kinesthetic reflection.


In this autopsy of our relationship to the world, through the analysis of presence and bodily attitudes, even contemplation or more or less intense activity/inactivity, speed provokes both nirvana and narcosis. Penetrating into an enigmatic universe that exposes itself by stealth, we believe we are taming a world that plays hide and seek when we are perhaps the tamed animal.


The work slips away, mysterious and volatile… it's up to us to hear!

Thanks to

Canada Council for the Arts, media arts, support for research and creation
Videographe Productions, Parc residence, Montreal

Support: Jean-Claude Collet, Jim Bell

Transit - Vue avant et arrière - Vidéographe


Transit- Vidéographe


Transit - scène double - Vidéographe

Transit, Marie-Hélène Parant

Transit - Espace Musée Québécor

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