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Hay (Vivant en arabe)

Digital video performance

What if we were transparent, if our most intimate secrets were openly expressed!

A man, like all the others, anonymous and going about innocuous occupations, walks around. But his chest is covered with a device from which images are visible as if it were x-ray equipment.


X-ray of the body but also of what is veiled from the consciousness of man, what preoccupies all human existence; to live, to exist, to manifest, to incarnate, to know oneself, to feel, to love .... but also to abandon oneself, to lose oneself, to meet, to leave, to die ... and then, to return ... to the center tumultuous, sometimes unbearable, of the flows and backwashes of the sensitive nature of the living.

Relations between interior and exterior, excesses of the intimate space and the public, as well as ruptures between consciousness and the unconscious populate the universe of this work.


Device developed by PRIM media arts center

Casablanca Stock Exchange, PRIM

Avid Technology Montreal, Media Illusion software 1995-1998
Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec - 1999 trip
Canada Council for the Arts - 2000 trip


- VidéoFormes 2000 Electronic Arts Night, France 2000
- Casablanca Video Art Festival, Morocco 1999

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