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L'immortelle is a video installation with 3 synchronized sources embedded in a clay structure.


This work involves the cycles of life and death in a poetry of visual and sound elements in constant transformation and movement. It is a space of the interstice, the moment of transition between states, marrying in an environment the technological, the organic and the historical.


The electronic work revolves around a plastic transformation of visual and sound materials that modulate elements of the landscape: they change throughout the presentation, passing from natural substances transposed from fire, to lava, to rock , ice and water, elements that flow underground from one cavity to another.


An anatomy emerges, disappears, re-emerges. Nature itself is a body and what is unearthed is a document of media archeology.

Note: Work that has known a very long development; first shooting in 1993, development with the help of PRIM and Avid Technology to work on SGI stations from 1995 to 1998, then finalization in 2001 when personal computers were powerful enough to do video editing (with compositing and special effects).


Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec - 1993
Avid Technology Montreal - Media Illusion software 1995 to 1998
PRIM Center for Media Arts, co-production 1997 to 2001
Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec - 1998
Canada Council for the Arts - 2000.

L'Immortelle - Traverse Vidéo Toulouse

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