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Extase, and its different variations, is an intermedia performance on the body-light-sound-interactivity, comprising two generative interactive video and audio projections integrating the participation of a dancer for an approximate current duration of 25 minutes.

Pictorial and sound choreography, Extase is a symbiotic melee generated by and through the gestures of a body that flows, slides, nested in the interstices of virtual matter. It is in a way a cosmogony sketched out through living sound and pictorial forms, entanglements of traces of liquid light between abstraction and organicity in which we glimpse “natural” elements. The shapes are ephemeral and in constant metamorphosis, risking tipping into nothingness without the presence and sustained attention of this main body faced with the fragility of a universe in the making.


Extase highlights states of oceanic experiences of the body to its environment. Like the pause that holds the savored moment or like the caress that makes the skin shiver and from which moment we would like to capture it in an eternal duration, we are invited to a moment of material-virtual, ephemeral and transitional Extase (Ecstasy) with the natural world.


Collaborators: Otso Lähdeoja (audio programming), Jessica Yuan Xi (dance performer), Angela Di Lauro (choreography collaboration, voice extracts, performer Extase 01 and 02) and Jean-Oliver Bégin (trombone extracts).

Thanks to / Thanks to

Canada Council for the Arts, media arts, support for research and creation

Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec, media arts, travel grant

Videographe Productions, Parc residence, Montreal Wörm (AIR residency), Rotterdam, Netherlands

Benefactors: MP Roussin, A. Bomans

Support: Jean-Claude Collet, Demetri Estdelacropolis, Marie-Line Tanguay, Jim Bell, Nicole Klein

Extase 3.0  - HTMlles 2010


Extase 3.0  - HTMlles 2010


Extase 3.0  - HTMlles 2010

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