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SHARE MTL held informal evenings of sharing, exploration and free improvisation between audio, visual and performance artists interested in (but not exclusive to) media and interactive arts.

SHARE MTL held its activities in partnership with Vidéographe from 2005 to 2010. Marie-Hélène assumed the co-foundation (with Katherine Liberovskaya and Jean-Ambroise Vesac), coordination, communications and organization of special events with the help of members.

The SHARE concept was initiated in New York  in 2001 and has expanded across the world to form  GLOBAL SHARE  which included about twenty cells. SHARE MTL was the second cell after SHARE NY in 2005.  

SHARE MTL's activities have been supported by extremely generous volunteerism from members and the community, with a few exceptions for special events that were outside of our usual framework and for which we were trying to obtain budgets.

Thanks to all those who created the magic of these events and especially to Eric Filion, Mathieu L Bouchard, Danny Perreault, Sabina Sariyska, Angela Di Lauro, Sylvain Cormier, Alexandre Quessy, Yvan Arshoun, Evans Simard, François Giroux, Philippe Hughes, Jean-Claude Collet, France Jobin, Carl Aksynczak, Mata Hari, Jim Bell who ensured the constant maintenance of activities as well as Marty-Kanatakhatsus Meunier, Martin Renaud, Bernard Claret, Lucie Marchand for their support within the Vidéographe. Thanks also to Casa Obscura and the Fractal Center who graciously welcomed us SHARE in their premises, always in a relaxed atmosphere!

We shared within SHARE a pleasure of creation and experienced inspiring encounters!

Some traces of our activities!

SHARE @ CTM.07, Berlin

SHARE @ The Open Work | PureData Congress 07

SHARE LABO @ Nuit Blanche Toronto

SHARE BRU @ iMAL, Brussels


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